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Medcity Misfits

     We're two hard working musicians who produce some great sounds with the addition of a laptop computer which has been programmed by one of the Misfits to make the Medcity Misfits sound like a five piece band.  However we have recently decided to  'come out of the spaceship' to revel our true selves: two aliens from a star system in a far-flung part of the multi-verse.  This photo is our true identity.

     Our one million gigawatts space cruiser has  malfunctioned and we're awaiting a tow back to our home planet. In the meantime we have assumed two earthly identities and are picking up some legal tender playing gigs around Minnesota.

     We kind of favor music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. If you look closely at the photo on the home page of this website you'll see Paul McCartney, he really isn't who you think he is. He's the supreme commander on earth, overlord to all visiting aliens.  Oh yeah... there are a lot of us roaming around....  Below is a recap of our earthly identities....

Medcity Misfits Green_edited.jpg
Randy Two.jpg
Randy One.jpg
Randy Stuhldreher

I'm life log musician from North Dakota, with credits attached to some of the best bands in that state including a stint with national recording artist the late Bobby Vee.  Lifelong member of the Booker Mini Band from Rochester as well as the Reunion band. On stage, vocals are my strong point while mixing in my guitars (acoustic as well as bass).  I have a full fledge residential recording facility where I put together all of the Misfits music which includes drums, bass, keyboards, backing guitars as well as vocals. I love the recording process and am continually crafting new songs for the Misfits to play on stage.


Mark Walsh 2_edited.jpg
Mark Walsh 1.jpg
Mark Walsh

I guess you could classify me as the Swiss army knife of the Medcity Misfits. I play three different types of saxophones, flute, piano, melodica, harmonica, a strange electronic device called an Ewe as well as some occasional vocals. Whatever the song calls for. I like to think of me putting on the songs frosting to make a song sound great. 

I'm also a life long member of the Booker Mini band as well as  a current member of Thomas and the Shakes. I also do a lot of freelance gigs at the drop of a hat. But one of my best gigs is volunteering at the Seasons Hospice house in Rochester. 

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